Friday, 21 February 2014

Rolling Landscapes

Last week and this week I have been continuing work on one of my little rolling landscapes which, over the past year, have proved very popular. These landscapes have been inspired by my love of the English countryside - photographs I have taken while out walking and two old books I found at different times in second-hand book shops. The first one is Shropshire Hills by H.W. Timperley (1890 to 1964) - I just love the way he describes his walks, I get such a feeling of peace and solitude, he observes everything from birds, flowers, field patterns, trees, hedgerows and the weather. The second is The Village Homes of England by Sydney R. Jones (1881 to 1966) - it is his beautiful black and white illustrations of old cottages that I like. I am so pleased that I have discovered this writer and this illustrator. However, when looking at my rolling landscapes you soon realise you are looking at a North Essex landscape because of the lack of hills!
The first image below shows the rolling landscape that I am working on at the moment and which is incomplete. The next stage is to make the spool that the landscape will be mounted on and after that I will make the flowers that will stand in the centre of the spool.  I usually start each landscape with a piece of scrunched and printed paper as if it is part of a page from a letter, perhaps someone telling of a lovely walk they have taken. Once I have laid out the collaged fabrics and papers I tack it all together and then I embroider the landscape details. This is the twelfth one that I have made and another one is at the collage stage.

The second image is of one of a pair of rolling landscapes I finished in January and which will be in an exhibition at the Knitting & Stitching Show this year, 2014.  As a member of East Anglia Stitch Textiles (EAST) - - I will be exhibiting work with them in our new exhibition called "Between the Lines".


  1. They look beautiful, look forward to seeing them for real at K&S x

  2. Well done Libby, excellent blog Viv x