Tuesday, 8 April 2014

So Much Inspiration

Thought I would take this opportunity to update my blog after my minor accident at the weekend when my head met pavement while walking in Frinton!   I sat quietly stitching yesterday - hands and brain still working if the mouth and hearing a bit restricted and neck a bit crunchy.  I have been stitching trees as you can see below.

                                                     The leaves are just starting to open on the trees.

I can't believe it is nearly a month since I did the Rolling Landscape Workshop for a group of textile enthusiasts from Dover called the Material Girls.  The group booked the Churchill Hotel for a 2-3 day workshop in mid-March and booked the sunny weather as well.  Below are a few photographs of some of the results which were all beautiful and reflected the personalities of the makers.

                                                 I thought it a lovely idea to incorporate dried flowers.

                                                   Loved the little house and the colour combination.

                                                               House on a slope with grey tree.

                                                                      Strong dramatic colours.

                                                 A field system all tacked down and ready for sewing!!

                                                                             Stormy hillside

Since then I have had a trip to Cornwall and a trip to Norfolk, both of which were very inspiring and refreshing.  Although the weather was very wet in Cornwall this didn't prevent me from visiting the galleries in St. Ives, particularly the Porthminster Gallery which had exhibitions on "Quay and Coast" and "The Language of Sculpture".  My three favourite artists exhibiting there were Tony Scrivener, Anne Davies and Craig Underhill - all three can be found on the internet.

I love anything that has little houses in and Anne Davies paintings are so stitchy, they capture St. Ives perfectly with its narrow streets - I really like the delicate colour combinations as well.  Her paintings very much remind me of the quayside pictures by Alfred Wallis.  www.annedavies.co.uk

Tony Scrivener, the Dorset based artist, not the London based artist, has a very good YouTube video - http://m.youtube.com/watch?autoplay=1&v=tYo2V8MWNRE - I think I will look at this many time to listen to his words of wisdom. 

And Craig Underhill is a ceramicist from Scotland who also has a very good website with a couple of little videos on it - I love his shapes and his minimalist marks evoking a landscape.  www.craigunderhill.co.uk

I also visited the Gallery at Trelowarren and discovered another ceramicist - Paul Jackson - particularly like his Waveform pots - and see that he is exhibiting at Art Unequalled and Ceramics at the The Athenaeum in Bury St. Edmunds from 3rd to 5th May, 2014 and also at Art in Clay at Hatfield House from 4th to 6th July, 2014 - I must get along to at least one of these.

However, whilst in Norfolk we visited the Pinkfoot Gallery in Cley and this is where I finally succumbed to a small stoneware sculpture by Blandine Anderson called Sheep on a Clifftop.  www.pinkfootgallery.co.uk. Hoping to collect this on Thursday if my head is feeling better by then.  Thought this would sit very prettily by one of my Rolling Landscapes!  I will post a picture of it next week in my next blog. 

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  1. Poor you Libby - I'm wondering if your fall was a combination of 6 inch heels and too many Tequila shots? (I am sympathetic really!). I love the photos in this post and the work produced by your students is lovely, and you have obviously given them plenty of inspiration.
    I.ve been catching up on my blog reading, so I've only just seen the flowers you made in your previous post - very lovely!