Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All in the Roll of a Dice

As a new member of STA - Stitch Textile Artists - who meet at Ammerdown in Radstock - I had my first weekend meeting where we started with our weekend challenge.  The challenge was split into two exercises:

The first exercise

tear coloured/patterned papers and divide them into six numbered piles, then roll a dice to decide from which pile a piece of paper should be taken from the top and applied to a blank sheet of paper.  Repeat this as many times as you like, add doodles to make connections or pick out what you see, add further papers.  One of my results is below (I've had to split the picture into two) which I thought I might be able to develop.

The second exercise

collect at least 6 items (we collected items from the garden - I picked up rubbish, things like bits of broken plastic, part of an old tennis ball, a bit of hose, a piece of wire, a piece of sponge, a small plastic disc) and number each item.  Again roll the dice to decide which item you will draw an edge from or around and then repeat this until you have a interesting line.  I transferred my line onto fabric, cut along it, frayed it, rolled it, stitched some of the lines from the first exercise and came up with the result below that gives a starting point to develop and take on. 


  1. Great exercises for getting those creative juices flowing!

  2. Great starting ideas. Might have to pinch those for "Spectrum"!