Friday, 22 August 2014

On the Corner on the Edge

Last week I decided to get on with my second piece for the "On the Edge" exhibition planned for August 2015.  Felt after the TSG Summer School that I was happy with how this piece was going and so I set to and finished it - see below.  There is just enough fabric left for me to do one more piece "on the edge of a tablecloth"  which I have already started to lay out.  Feel it will be after I have completed the third piece that I will go back to the large piece I started at the TSG Summer School and decide whether to continue with it or not.

Also this week, after my visit to the Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden where I saw the work of artist Keith Vaughan, I thought I would let myself have a play with some scraps of fabric and put together the collage below.  I was really surprised at how effective it is - nothing as wonderful as KV's work, of course, but it is a start to looking at how he worked.  He probably wouldnt have used these colours either.  At this stage I haven't added any stitching.   KV liked Essex for its undramatic landscape, honing it down to the shapes he saw.  He lived and worked in Toppesfield, Essex, during the 1960's and 1970's taking his own life in about 1976 after being diagnosed with cancer.  Toppesfield is one of  my favourite villages - a very quiet place, on the way to nowhere, very rural.


  1. I love your 'On The Edge' piece Libby. Maybe when you have completed that series you could do one based on our raucous walks - maybe call it 'Over The Hill'? xx

  2. Looking forward to possible visit to Toppesfield Libby?

  3. Hi Libby looking good cant wait to see it in the flesh