Sunday, 26 October 2014

New Pot - Old Flowers

This week my thoughts have been on paper and coming up with an idea to fit with my work  for the "On the Edge" exhibition next year.   It was requested that one piece should be made from paper - before I joined Stitch Textile Artists they had a day making paper which had been very successful.  I have made paper many times in the past mainly for making bowls but I wanted this piece to relate to the work I have already done for the exhibition (if selected).  

I did several pieces of paper, some I pressed lace into, others I left plain, all had lovely natural edges.  When it came to the design I wanted to base it on landscape but I feel much better working a three dimensional piece rather than a flat piece.   Played around with several ideas, placing papers against each other, rolling paper, folding and pleating but nothing really hit the spot.   

On Thursday I went for a beautiful walk with my friends Lynne and Gill in Long Melford and after a wonderful day in the North Essex countryside and much encouragement, the next day when I picked up the papers again, things just fell into place.  Result below - three different views of the pot.

Thought the pot would fit nicely with my Alfred Wallis inspired pieces that I have been working on, this is the third piece in the series and my favourite so far.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Sheep are Back

Went for a walk back in September with friends Lynne and Gill - it was Gill’s turn to suggest a walk on a beautiful sunny day.  Whilst on the walk we crossed a bridge over a river into a field that had a sign that said something like - please keep dogs on leads as “the sheep are back”.  There was a gentle breeze and the pale grass was long and at first I couldn’t see the sheep but the lens on my camera soon detected them.  Also took a photograph of lovely broken old tree.

With these picture in my mind an idea came together for an embroidered frame - could be a mirror or picture frame - but also it could be a clock that would give the correct time just twice a day!!  The photograph has been printed onto fabric and collaged with painted organdie and calico, the tree has been appliqu├ęd and details picked out in embroidery.  The next stage is the construction stage and I am hoping to use part of a vintage, whitework tablecloth - damaged I hasten to add.