Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Sheep are Back

Went for a walk back in September with friends Lynne and Gill - it was Gill’s turn to suggest a walk on a beautiful sunny day.  Whilst on the walk we crossed a bridge over a river into a field that had a sign that said something like - please keep dogs on leads as “the sheep are back”.  There was a gentle breeze and the pale grass was long and at first I couldn’t see the sheep but the lens on my camera soon detected them.  Also took a photograph of lovely broken old tree.

With these picture in my mind an idea came together for an embroidered frame - could be a mirror or picture frame - but also it could be a clock that would give the correct time just twice a day!!  The photograph has been printed onto fabric and collaged with painted organdie and calico, the tree has been appliquéd and details picked out in embroidery.  The next stage is the construction stage and I am hoping to use part of a vintage, whitework tablecloth - damaged I hasten to add. 

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  1. Ooh, I'm so pleased my walk inspired such a lovely piece of art! Looking forward to our walk tomorrow xx