Monday, 16 February 2015

Trees and Telegraph Poles

Where did January go - however, despite this I have had a chance to do some stitching some walking, went to see a film - Testament of Youth based on the book by Vera Brittain set in the First World War (take a box of tissues if you go and see it) - and have given three workshops!!  

First of all though, I finished the sketchbook book I had been using so below is my new sketchbook which I have covered using an old envelop sent from a friend in 2011, a tree print that I have collaged with the remains of dyed fabrics, a lovely spotted print fabric I bought from The Cloth House in London, a quote from my favourite book “Shropshire Hills” by H.W. Timperley, a lovely bit of old trim was used for the spine (again given to me by a friend) and finished off with a couple of old buttons - although not quite finished as you can see from the pins.  

And one of the first things I have put in my sketchbook is a picture of a collage I did at the weekend when EAST had a play day.  Having set the task of taking an article apart and then printing with it on paper, in the afternoon we decided we would all put one piece of printing each in a pile and then randomly tear a piece from each sheet.   Below is the collage I did with my pieces and which I’m rather pleased with.  When I go out walking I am always taking photographs of trees and telegraph poles and to my delight some telegraph poles, or hints of telegraph poles appeared in my collage. 

This is a photo I took in Porthleven, Cornwall one evening in February.

I have also been adding stitch to the new rolling landscape I laid out in January - one of my favourite artists at the moment is David Pearce - a modern, very successful, untrained artist from Cornwall.  To me he is like the modern day version of Alfred Wallis.  Imagine how pleased I was when we recently went to Rick Stein’s new restaurant in Porthleven, Cornwall, and there on the wall were three paintings by David Pearce.   I hope that, having looked at his paintings over the past few years, there has been a small shift in my own style.

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  1. Lovely sketchbook Libby - and I meant to send you the photos I took on Thursday, but then I got sidetracked! Will try to remember tomorrow. And those paintings are very you - but with added fuschia pink - what's not to love!