Monday, 22 June 2015


What perfect timing when last Wednesday evening I saw that the second episode of "How to be Bohemian with Victoria Coren Mitchell" was on BBC 4.  This episode reached the early 20th century when the Bloomsbury Group in particular were active and last Friday I went, with friends Rene and Maddy, to Charleston Farmhouse, the home of Vernessa Bell and Duncan Grant.  We had booked tickets to have a tour of the house at 2.30 - the tour lasts about an hour and isn't really time to take in all the wonderful painted interior, ceramics, paintings, etc. However, it turned out to be perfect weather to view the garden which was in full bloom.  Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos of the interior so below are the best of the photographs I took outside.  It was really the interior I was interested in so I think, with a birthday coming up, I think a book on the subject will be on the list. 

Front of Charleston Farmhouse                                           View of the studio window from the garden

Above - looking up to the house from the garden
Below - through the studio window 

A panel on the font in Berwick church painted by Duncan Grant.

View from the back of Berwick Church


  1. This is somewhere I've always wanted to visit too Libby. Seeing your photos I think I will make it a priority.

  2. Lovely photos Libby, what it must have been to live in that house then!

  3. I've been there - it's lovely but I agree, the tour does feel very rushed x