Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cley Next To Sea

A few Friday's ago I had a trip to Holt in Norfolk with friends Rene and Maddy and after our retail therapy we went to Cley Next to Sea which was a wonderful breath of fresh air.  We looked for stones on the beach and I found the stone below which looks like it has a forest along its edge which I picked out with a fine waterproof pen.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Marks Hall Sculpture Exhibition

Last Sunday was a beautiful, warm and sunny day just perfect for a walk round Marks Hall, Coggeshall.  I knew there was to be a Sculpture Exhibition but didn't realise that 1st and 2nd August was its first weekend.  There are some 230 sculptures in the exhibition by various artists, in various materials at various prices.  They all looked fabulous in the setting of Marks Hall Gardens.  Some pieces are pictured below.  Even the cows took up a harmonious pose.  The exhibition is on for the whole of August.

From Dark Days to Sunny Days

Oops - I usually update my blog twice a month but I have had such a busy July enjoying the sunshine, visiting exhibitions and trying to finish some pieces of work that the month went by in a flash.

Below is a picture of my latest landscape which I have now finished and is ready to be taken to the framers.  I have been working on this "grey landscape" series since last year and feel now my season should move on - last year and earlier this year was a grey time for me.  Mind you, for my birthday I did ask for a painting on wood by Jo Kehyaian which I think is called White Bird and is predominantly grey.