Monday, 12 October 2015

St Ives School of Art

I have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall, had two fabulous weeks not just weatherise but creatively as well.  Before we went I went onto the St. Ives School of Art website and booked myself a couple of taster days with two artists - Liz Hough and Kerry Harding - Abstract Landscape and Mixed Media.   Both artists were very friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging and I see that they do a longer workshop which they run as joint tutors.  I think from a textile point of view I probably got more out of Kerry Harding's workshop than Liz's but nonetheless I still had a good day. 

The results below are from Kerry Harding's worshop which was the one on mixed media.  She explained that we should first experiment with different mediums to see what effects we could get by working through a table of words - blob, smear, flick, splat, drip, dot scratch, smudge, twist, blend, rub, swirl, wash, scrape, print, brushstroke, thick, think, fast and slow - nothing complicated and quite basic really but fun and it is always nice to see what results other people get - I think a large glass of wine beforehand definitely helped to loosen me up!  Oh and we were to use different tools to apply the different media, such as card, fork, spoon, rag, etc.

Then there were three other tables of words based on landscape, rocks and sky elements.


  1. They look great Libby, very atmospheric - will we see stitched pieces inspired by this work? xx

  2. Hi Gill,
    Yes could do - I was thinking I could print them onto fabric and then overlay with fine fabrics to add some text perhaps. Might make a good book cover.