Sunday, 25 October 2015

Writing with a Needle

Next week I am off to do a workshop at West Dean with Rosalind Wyatt called "Writing with a Needle" - Rosalind uses embroidered words in her work which I have admired for sometime - she manages to get a really fluid effect that looks as if she has literally written with a thread.  

I have been covering books - one that I did a few weeks ago for a workshop I gave at Fantasy Textiles - I have been adding embroidered detail to the spine (needlelace) and have inserted collected items into the pages of the book, such as patterns for items of children's clothing.  

This week I have prepared another book to take with me to West Dean that I thought I could work on or add to if appropriate.  The book I found was "Emma" by Jane Austen - again I found this book in a second hand bookshop - in the front of the book the year 1922 has been written in pencil (this was the year my mother was born).  The cover I have partly prepared will be removable and will not damage the book in anyway.  I wanted the cover to look like a collection of letters, cuttings, snippets, smudges of ink - I have a book on the illustrated letters of Jane Austen which includes some letters which refer to "Emma".  

Next, I photographed a book cover prepared by Marilyn at the workshop I gave at Fantasy Textiles - I thought it was really lovely - it looks as if someone has quickly covered a book and dashed out to the garden to make notes - the cover is incomplete as we ran out of time on the day.

Finally, when I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show this year a stand that really caught my eye was the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and below are two pieces on the theme of books which I thought were so beautiful - they are by Lesley Stothers and Sandi Sexton.


  1. Enjoy the course. Your books like lovely, I hope that I can attend a few of your workshops at Fantasia Textiles next year.

    1. Thanks for your comment Diane - I heard on the radio this morning that Melvin Bragg is going to be talking about Jane Austen's "Emma" next Thursday morning on Radio 4 - I must listen.