Friday, 11 December 2015

A Choir of Angels

With Christmas speeding towards us at an alarming rate, the Billericay Girls wanted their  2015 Christmas decoration project.  I call her the grumpy angel - she has so much to do and she isn't getting any younger.  She can be a centre piece for the table to remind everyone how busy she has been or she can simply grace your mantel piece.

My effort is on the left - the basic angel pattern is cut from pelmet vilene and then decorated.  Her   halo is made from tomato puree tube, her wings are covered in a black gold lamé with beading, her dress is made of silk, her arms covered in silk velvet, she is threaded onto a stick which runs through the centre of the cotton reels on which she is mounted.  And finally when looking for something to add to her dress I found my mothers old rosary which I thought perfect - a reminder of those we miss.

On the right are all the Angels that were made by the girls together with the origami Christmas trees which Kirsten kindly demonstrated.


  1. These are beautiful Libby, but I do rather like angels of any description! I hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Yes, we had a good one - hope you did too Gina - hope the catering business is gooding well. xx