Sunday, 31 January 2016

Back to the Landscape

This week I have also returned to my work on landscape, finishing off a rolling landscape inspired by the artist David Pearce.  I think it has probably been at least six months since I last did some work on it which I think helps and when I return to it I can see what needs tweaking.  Now I just have to make the flowers.

Also, I have been working on a couple of pots, unintentionally really.  EAST decided last year to have a day using embellishers - mine has been in the cupboard for years so I thought it a good time to get it out and use it and I made a felt pot which I am now in the process of picking out landscape features with a few embroidery threads. 

Another pot I started a few months ago began by using up some odd bits of fabric and some vintage finds.  Again I left it for a while and then went back and added some more pieces and I think it is now coming together.  At the moment it is just pinned and I hope to start stitching it together this coming week.   Again it is inspired really by the artist David Pearce and I think will go nicely with the rolling landscape.


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Emily Dickinson

This week I have tried to do some work every day on my new altered book and have decided that it will be about the American poet Emily Dickinson -  I really enjoy her poetry and I did some textile work about her some years ago.  

This week I thought I would try to do an altered image of her (as inspired by the work of Heather Murray).  Like Jane Austen, it is thought that there is only one true image of Emily.  I used charcoal and pastels to extend her dress and to give the impression that she is holding a piece of fabric which she has been stitching.  In many of Emily's poems there is a dash at the end of each line which, it is thought, represents a stitch.  Although Emily was well educated for a young woman who lived between 1830 to 1886 and poetry was her passion, writing was seen as the occupation for a man and therefore she was bearly published in her life time.  She did not marry and as one of two daughters in a middle class family she would have been expected to spend her time attending to the "comforts of her family".

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Altered Books

Since before Christmas I have been working on altered books and, in particular, one that is dedicated to my mother.  Since the beginning of the New Year and since completing the knitted throw for my settee (done absolutely unplanned after calling in at a wool shop in Saffron Walden back in December), I have completed more pages and started working on another book.  This time I have used some vintage fabrics, bought for me at Christmas by my friend Rene, along with bits and pieces that have been kicking around the room I call a studio.  I also wanted to add some stitched words and my mind went back to two poems I really like by Emily Dickinson - Don't put up my thread and needle and Hope is the thing with feathers.  The theme for the contents of the new book will be, I hope, more spontaneous but perhaps will concentrate on people and place.  I have stumbled upon a Canadian digital artist by the name of Heather Murray and just love the her work which I find very inspiring and which has helped me with the altered book I have been working on about my mother.

The new altered book:

A few new pages for the altered book about my mother:

Also amongst the treasures that Rene bought for me for Christmas was a lovely, old, distressed book about Maria Antionette - it is so beautifully distressed it doesn't really need anything adding.  Strangely enough, there was an article in last week's Telegraph about some letters that had been written by Maria Antionette which have recently been discovered.  

And finally, that throw I mentioned above which now adds some bright colour to the dreary days.  I made the pattern up myself - it's just garter stitch squares with a garter stitch border, knitted buttons where 4 squares meet.  The wool is Katia DK 100% merino in burnt orange (colour number 20), magenta (colour number 16) and yellow (colour number 12).  I bought the wool from who have a shop in Saffron Walden.