Sunday, 31 January 2016

Back to the Landscape

This week I have also returned to my work on landscape, finishing off a rolling landscape inspired by the artist David Pearce.  I think it has probably been at least six months since I last did some work on it which I think helps and when I return to it I can see what needs tweaking.  Now I just have to make the flowers.

Also, I have been working on a couple of pots, unintentionally really.  EAST decided last year to have a day using embellishers - mine has been in the cupboard for years so I thought it a good time to get it out and use it and I made a felt pot which I am now in the process of picking out landscape features with a few embroidery threads. 

Another pot I started a few months ago began by using up some odd bits of fabric and some vintage finds.  Again I left it for a while and then went back and added some more pieces and I think it is now coming together.  At the moment it is just pinned and I hope to start stitching it together this coming week.   Again it is inspired really by the artist David Pearce and I think will go nicely with the rolling landscape.



  1. Wow, posts on two consecutive days- you have been busy! The pots look lovely, now I really must get stitching xx

  2. You've re-inspire me - have laid out another landscape over the last couple of days.