Sunday, 19 June 2016

Landmark Gallery Teddington - Between the Lines exhibition

This week the EAST exhibition "Between the Lines"  has been set up at the Landmark Gallery in Teddington which will be it's last venue since being launched at the Knitting and Stithing Show in 2014.  It is on until Sunday July 10th and for opening times and other information the website is   On Tuesday I went along with June, Liz and Susan to set up and then yesterday I ran a workshop at the Landmark entitled "Lines of Communication" which linked with techniques used for some of the pieces in the exhibition.  There is a very nice, well equipped, well lit, working studio space at the Landmark Gallery and we had nine students who had booked to do the workshop.

We started the day loosening up with some printing using either blocks I had made and some bought blocks and printed on a variety of paper and fabrics using archival inks and acrylic paints.  We then went on to scrunching and distressing various paper such as magazines, wrapping papers and wax paper.  I had also prepared some samples of techniques that we wouldn't have time for and one was transferring paper text to fabric using varnish and the other was printing photographic images onto fabric. 

June, who was my gofer for the day, did an excellent job of keeping me supplied with coffee and washing up paint pots and brushes. With all the messy activities cleared out of the way, after lunch each student set about sifting through their samples, selecting and deselecting elements, arranging and layering, pinning ready for stitching.  I demonstrated how hand stitched words could be added either directly onto a piece of work or onto silk organza which could then be applied over the top of other elements.  I had also taken along templates of envelopes that could be drawn out and cut out from fabric, again applying stitch and little collaged elements to make an individual piece of work. 

Below are some of the pieces that were started at the workshop.

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