Saturday, 23 July 2016

Yorkshire and the Humber Region Residential Summer School at Bishop Burton College

On Friday 15th July I set off from North Essex for Bishop Burton College in Bishop Burton in Beverley, Yorkshire, to give a summer school along with three other tutors - Jan Dowson, Pippa Foulds and Maggie Smith.   It was a smooth and uneventful journey, the trusty old satnav got me to my destination where I was met by Pauline Heywood who had booked me for a workshop on Rolling Landscapes.  Within the grounds of the college is an art and design block and I had been allocated one of the upstair studios with water supply as we would be dyeing fabrics.  The whole site at Bishop Burton College is well laid out and beautifully maintained, our accommodation was spotless, food good and staff helpful.

The first session of the summer school was on the Friday evening and we started by dyeing a variety of fabrics using procion dyes and Manutex as a resist, bearing in mind design source material as a guide.  Saturday morning sessions saw printing on fabrics and paper and distressing/crumpling papers such as wax paper and magazine papers.  Most of the afternoon was spent sifting through results and selecting fabrics and papers for the collaging, adjusting, photographing and exploration of different combinations.  Once everything was pinned and then tacked details such as trees and other features were explored and placed.  Stitches are kept very simple either to hold things in place or to add further detail.

It was lovely to see the variety of results gradually appear from Monet like landscapes to industrial landscapes, the colour combinations from subtle to vibrant - it is great to have the three days to see the landscapes evolve.  

We discussed finishing and construction on Sunday so that each landscape could be completed at leisure at home.  I hope you enjoy the photographs below.
















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  1. This was a terrific weekend, Libby: really enjoyed it. Everyone's work looks fabulous in your photos! Thank you. Lynn