Monday, 19 September 2016

Cornish Delights

I have been in Cornwall for the last week or so - staying at the usual apartment in Praa Sands which has a lovely sea view.  Each evening I walk along the beach and since our last visit the tree pictured below, which was once in the garden above, has descended to the sand through coastal erosion.  It was a perfect, warm, late summers evening and the light was just right.

The photo below is looking out from Praa Sands beach across to Rinsey Head - the sea an incredible blue in the evening sun.

I had packed my latest Rolling Landscape/Seascape which I had laid out before coming down and the subject of coastal erosion and the little copy of a painting by Samuel John Peploe (sent to me by Rene) have fired my imagination and this is the piece so far.

Then last Wednesday I visited Trellisk, a National Trust property that overlooks the Fal River (on the road that leads to the King Harry Ferry), and discovered that the Antiques Road Show would be recording there the following day.  I made a great effort to be up bright and early as the event started at 9.30 and went on to 7 pm - I had a really interesting day watching the BBC crew setting up the selected items, listening to all the interviews, seeing all the experts and discovering a new artist, namely Adrian Paul Allinson.  A lady had brought along two paintings she had inherited and which she knew nothing about.  The two paintings are below - I really like both of them and look forward to researching the artist.

One of the other interviews I watched was with Henry Sandon and the lady who had owned Ozzie the owl which she sold for £17,000.  The photograph is not of the original owl but is a copy she had made.


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