Friday, 28 October 2016

Sampled and Remixed - Drawing for Textiles

At the beginning of October I went on a Matt Harris workshop at West Dean that was titled Sampled and Remixed - Drawing for Textiles which I have to say was excellent.  I have previously done a Matt Harris workshop which I enjoyed very much and this course did not disappoint.  I would not call myself a good drawer but somehow I always seem to come up with something when I do one of Matt's workshops.  On a previous workshop we had to take something apart, like an umbrella, bag or shoe for example,  down to its component parts and then create an implement from those parts with which to make marks.   

This time Matt brought along a lot of random items such as a paper parasol, bits of broken china, textiles, decorations, wire baskets, twigs, a teapot, a belt, etc., which he suspended with twine.  This was all arranged in a way that the items hung in front and behind and overlayed each other.  We were told to work on large sheets of paper and use a fine, a medium and a heavy drawing media.   We could draw the items from any angle but we should draw those that we saw at the back with something fine, those in the middle ground with something of a more medium weight and those in the foreground with something heavier.  We could move around, not sticking to the same angle, and if possible we should not look down at the paper when we were drawing.  We did this exercise a few times and then we could choose to work on the one we preferred.  Below is a the series that I did which I think I could still take further and breakdown into abstract sections. 

This last one I think is my favourite and I can see this as something I could work on further.  Every time I redrew it, it slightly changed and there are still some lines I'd like to change but I also see that I could break the whole thing down into about six sections to give something more abstract.  I think it has a Ben Nicholson still life feel to it as it is which I don't think is bad.      

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