Friday, 18 November 2016

In Reflective Mood

During the last two weeks I have been suffering from a nasty cold that persists in hanging on.  However, I've tried not to let it stop me from going out on the brighter days to cheer myself up and last Sunday I walked round Marks Hall Gardens with friends and took the lovely photos below. 

The lovely splashes of red and some sharp greens and that wonderful reflection on a cold November day.  A family was having a group photograph taken against this beautiful backdrop.

I love the varying shades of the berries and the grey stems. 

Once home I felt restless as I didn't feel up to doing much but a little quiet stitching on my rescued books (mentioned in my previous post), a few adjustments, and just enjoying looking at them seemed to be good therapy.  I noticed that a lot of the fabrics I had used included spots - mostly red or grey - I felt a large round red spot was just the final touch this one needed.   This is the rescued copy of Dr. Thorne by Anthony Trollope.

On the left the fabrics have been held down with net which has a flower motif on it - I stitched round it in red and added its stem, blending it with the floral fabric beneath.  On the right you can see I have stitched some lovely vintage lace right round the opening of the book which I found at Rose Hip in Long Melford.

The book below is the rescued copy of The Charm of Birds by Viscount Grey of Falloden - again I was drawn to the colours red and grey and spotty fabrics and papers.  The grey spot is a piece of fabric given to me by my friend Gill, there are at least three different scraps of red spot fabrics and the pink with white spots is actually a wrapping paper I bought in Great Dunmow years ago.  I have distressed it by screwing it up and again held it down with net to protect it.  The finishing touch was the authors name hand stitched in grey silk thread on the spine.  

Here is a little close detail.

The next rescued book had obviously suffering from damp at some time as the hard cover had become quite spongy and the pages very discoloured so I am slowly decorating the pages.  It is about gardens and allotments.  I had obviously reached for the red spot fabrics again - the scraps are getting fewer so I have collaged the scraps and held them together with running stitch - I felt it just needed the large red spot as a finishing touch - maybe its the sun or is it the moon.  

Some of the pages I have completed so far. 

More vintage lace has been hand stitched all around the book opening - again the lace comes from Rose Hip in Long Melford - I learnt this week they will be closing their shop at the end of December, they will online and will do some vintage fairs - will miss visiting their lovely shop.  

Last but not least, sometime earlier in the year I had been playing around with some left over scraps and made this tiny little pot - its very insignificant but has something about it - perhaps it those colour and those tiny little spots again!!

The thing about spots has definitely got me thinking and brought to mind the artist Yayoi Kusama who has a dot obsession - she has said that the polka dot has the form of the sun and of the moon.  From what I understand the difference between spots and polka dots are that spots are random and polka dots form a regular pattern.  I think some time in the New Year I will start gathering a collection of spotty fabrics (cutting them up and collaging the pieces will give a random effect) and even appliqué or print/paint spots on fabric and maybe put then all together on a soft linen background, over stitched with running stitch to make a lovely quilt to snuggle under when I have a nasty cold.

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