Friday, 25 November 2016

Sunny November Days

Today is a glorious sunny November day - I only wish that last Monday had been the same!!  I went for a country walk with friend Lynne - we tried to walk from Clare to Belchamp St. Paul but with the remnants of a cold, rain and darkness coming down, we only managed to do about 4 miles.  However, at least we had done some exercise and once back to the car park we went to the Antique Centre and Lynne treated us both to a large hot chocolate topped with cream and a slice of chocolate malteser cake.

So with a beautifully bright day today I have taken some photographs while the light is good.

This week I have been putting together a small piece of work for my Alfred Wallis collection.  The long tapering triangle is very typical of the tree shape he used but the colours are certainly not - I have been looking carefully at colour and colour combinations, it is such a particular thing as to what brings something to life.  Once I had appliquéd the trunk I embroidered the tree branches and then laid some old net over the top which had flowers embroidered on it.  I then stitched French knots all over the branches and embroidered around the flowers.  In my garden I have a hawthorn tree and I have planted a clematis underneath it which has now almost reached the top of the tree.  I then found some scraps of dyed habotai silk and a block printed cotton to create the landscape around it.  I think it certainly has a naive look to it.

Also this week I have been looking back in my sketchbooks and the marks in a landscape that make it interesting and give it texture.  I had been preparing some samples using procion dyes and just thought I would draw very loosely, without using Manutex, to see how the dye spread and puddled and was really pleased with this piece below.  The top layer is silk organza, the under layers calico, habotai silk and again more organza.  I don't know if I will ever get round to actually stitching this piece, but maybe one day. 

In turn this sunny landscape led me back to the piece I designed back in August - I like the colour theme that my work is starting to develop - a combination of greys and yellows - and I think these colours will definitely feature prominently in my new work.  I can see it may not be to everyone's taste and it has to be carefully balanced but it will be a good challenge.

I like the words within the landscape "a secluded world of cool sun ..... was in the midst of its green world"  - I like the way these random words can suggest a mood. 

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