Saturday, 31 December 2016

Before 2016 Is Over

I thought I would squeeze in one more post before the year is over, having had a wonderful Christmas, despite having a rotten cold before Christmas and now having a chesty cough approaching the year end.

One thing I have been doing for years is to design my own Christmas cards, it is rare that I have any left over and so I don't always have a record of the cards I have done.  So I thought that this would be a good opportunity to record this year's cards.  The cards have varied over the years, sometimes they were stitched or beaded but now I have less energy I usually either take a photograph, if the opportunity presents itself, or I paint and then photograph something from my sketchbook.  This year I designed two cards from my sketchbook - on both designs there is a little bit of fabric.  On the card on the left the little house has a house made from organza and on the card on the right I have overlaid a strip of organza across the card between the trees and the field giving it a misty feel and the bird's head is printed on organza.  I photographed both pictures and then went onto the website to have them printed. 

Christmas itself was lovely - I spent most of it laughing as I found someone with a very similar sense of humour to myself but to add to that my lovely husband bought me this painting by Jelena Lukic - I hope I have spelt it right.  I have always been a very light sleeper and often remember my dreams and occasionally suffer from nightmares.  I thought this picture was just perfect - it is so dream like, I love how the horse's ears become the sails of a boat and the dribbles of paint that are it's legs as if it only became a horse when the paint ran.  I had the strangest dream last night - it was very vivid - I dreamt that we had an infestation of insects - they weren't bees but they were stripped like bees - I dreamt they were living in the armchair in the corner of our bedroom - they were all over the floor and I thought I must deal with it.  I was very relieved when I woke to find it was just a dream.

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  1. Happy New Year to you Libbykins! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. I did too - and I loved my card xx