Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Patchwork Inspiration

We're half way through January already and I have finished my Gee's Bend patchwork inspired knitted throw.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working out the pattern and interpreting the design of a fabric quilt into a knitted version.  I used double knit merino wool and 4mm needles and garter stitch - I felt I needed to adjust the colours - the original colour combination was red, orange, yellow and off white - I didn't feel comfortable with the off white so substituted it with a lime yellow.  I incorporated a knitted border (4 rows of seed stitch) with the stripes rather than knit it separately and added knitted buttons - I have decided not to line it.

It has been a good exercise as besides being very therapeutic, it also allows you time to think of other things such as what direction my work will take this year.  

I would definitely have another go and one idea that sprang to mind whilst knitting this throw was a painting by Keith Vaughan.  Keith Vaughan was an artist who lived from 1939 to 1977 and who spent some of his life living in Toppesfield, a village not far from where I live.  A few years ago some of his work was featured in an exhibition at the Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden and amongst the exhibits of his drawings, letters, etc. was a cushion knitted by his mother.  It's funny how things stick in the back of your mind - from what I remember it was simply knitted square but was very much in the colour combination below which is one of his paintings.  I would love to have a go at doing the knitted version of this - I feel in working so closely to something somehow you get a better understand of it, plus I remembered that my friend Rene had lend me a book of his Journals.


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