Sunday, 5 February 2017

Making Arrangements

January has been a month of making arrangements in more than one way - earlier in the month I went to Anglesey Abbey with friends - the snowdrops were starting to peep through but the cold weather had held them back a bit.  However, whilst there I went to the secondhand book shop to find more books to rescue and found a copy of Wuthering Heights and three beautifully faded books on Roman history tied up with a ribbon.  I made this arrangement on my bedroom windowsill which includes the faded books, pottery birds by Paddy Peters, a pottery house I bought at Made in Clay last year, a wooden house by Kirsty Elson and a stone I found which had markings on it that look like trees (I have emphasised the marks using a pen).

Other arrangements I have been making are booking advertising space in Embroidery and Stitch magazines for the EAST exhibition "Following a Thread" which starts at Braintree Museum at the end of April and runs through May and June and then goes to the Pond Gallery at Snape Maltings, Suffolk, in the first week of July 2017.  And in an effort to be extra organised I also took the opportunity to have cards printed by - images below.   

I also arranged to collect a piece of work from my framer in Haughley - the piece had been framed in 2015 and had been irritating me - the balance of the picture was just not right - I feel so much better now I have made the alterations.  Picture below.

The nicest arrangements made at the beginning of February were not made by me but were made by my friend Lynne who had booked for us to go to see the National Theatre live streaming of Amadeus.  The day started with a lovely walk from White Colne - we passed the water mill into Chalkney Wood and then followed the footpaths cross country to Great Tey, stopping for coffee at the village pub.  We then walked cross country to Abraham's Farm, passed Florie's Farm and the beautiful Cucumber Hall, came up the other side of Chalkney Wood, crossed the Earls Colne road and walked along the old railway walk - a walk of just over 8 miles.  Back at Lynne's I watched as she prepared a lovely vegetarian lasagne which we tucked into with friend Ange before we then set off for the cinema to see Amadeus.  A wonderful performance only spoilt by the screen locking once - we lost 15 minutes - but we were soon reconnected.  It was a memorable day and I fell into bed exhausted.

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  1. I love the arrangement on your windowsill Libby - so very you! And the cards for the EAST exhibition are beautiful - I hope I can make it to Braintree or Snape xx