Friday, 26 May 2017

Kantha Workshop - Work in Progress

At the end of my last post on the preparation for the Kantha workshop in Sevenoaks I took a photograph of a piece of work that was ready to be stitched.  I had just collaged the fabrics which were all tacked in place and I had started to work on the jug.  Below is the progress I have made this week, still more stitching to do but it is coming along. 

The whole lemon on the right has still to be stitched a has the remainder of the section down the righthand side.  The ripple stitch or Kantha stitch coming down the work on the left will continue off to the right of the halved lemons but I think I will stitch another pattern on the bottom left.


  1. Thanks Gina - have really enjoyed doing this work - I feel I have my mojo back!!