Thursday, 22 June 2017

Rolling Landscape Pot

Last Saturday I was giving a workshop in Lutterworth to the Market Harborough EG.  I started out at 7.30 in the morning in the cool of the day to arrive at 9.30 in the rising temperature of the day.  I had planned that we would dye our fabrics first, followed by a paper collage exercise and then after lunch we sifted through our dyeing and other fabrics to start to lay out our rolling landscapes.  As it was, I think, it was a good workshop to do on a hot day.  We had the doors open and everyone could work at their own pace and try out the Manutex for making marks and acrylic matt medium for transferring papers onto fabric.

During the week I had been working on a rolling landscape I had started probably last year.  It was good to get it out again.  At the time I thought I wouldn't finish it but the workshop gave me the momentum to have another go at it.  I have roughly decided on its final format, tacked the final pieces into place and have just got to finish the embroidery.  I have made the stand or pot as it will be now but have not yet covered it with paper so that the workshop could see how I had made it.  The only part of it I had completed was the lid.

The pot is yet to be completed as you can see at the base but the lid is finished and has three clear buttons mounted on top to make a little knob with which to open it.

I have now decided on the length of the landscape and what is happening as it gets towards the end.  The little coastal village merges into fields and trees which merge into furrowed fields. 

I have used running stitch in the background to give movement to the fields moving the running stitches over by half a stitch on each line.  I think having got so far with it now I will finish it and look forward to thinking what I will keep in it.

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