Sunday, 9 July 2017

Finishing Off and a New Beginning

Over the last few weeks I have been stitching several panels inspired by still life paintings and last week I finished the latest one which you can see below.  It has been a good exercise and has shown me how I can work a piece that I designed last year which is an abstract still life.  I was very pleased with the design but just couldn't see how I would work it as a textile.

This is the abstract design which I see as a still life - a bottle, plate, cup and saucer and odd bits of crockery overlaying each other in the foreground and a landscape in the background.  I don't know when I will start it as a textile but now I know the technique/method I am going to use it's now just time.

Also last week saw the end of the EAST exhibition "Following a Thread", which has been at both Braintree Museum and Snape's Pond Gallery.  At each venue I waved a fond farewell to the two "Two Trees and Sheep" rolling landscapes - I will miss them so it is good I have photographs - the best is below.

So it is now time for a new beginning and I have started to cover a new sketchbook which you can see below.  Part of my new inspiration comes from a book of poems by Kate Innes "Flocks of Words" and which is also the first poem in the book.  I find words very important  and I love the image that is painted by this poem - of the words that describe a landscape migrating like birds with the seasons and how they return in the spring to dress the land.  I think the season of spring will probably feature quite strongly but we will see how things evolve.

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