Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Power of Colour

In the last few weeks a new landscape has appeared on my studio floor - its where I work best when laying things out.  Its funny how things stick at the back of your mind and slowly you try things out.  I think it must have been last year I did a series of little paintings showing a yellow and grey landscape, I suppose the rapeseed fields we see around us earlier in the year.  I then tried painting with Procyon dyes onto silk organza some of the marks - like telegraph poles and fences overlaying yellow fields with misty shapes in the background.  I did several pieces varying the shades of yellow and on separate pieces tried out marks representing distant trees and shadows.  The yellow strips  of fabric came out very bright and I wasn't sure about them at first but last week I tried playing around with these along with other pieces of organza that I had painted/made marks on and the landscape below emerged.  I am usually drawn to softer more muted shades but feel the composition below is starting to work and bringing in the trees and shadow on the left of the picture makes me feel more comfortable with the yellow.

The one thing I am very happy with are these distant trees in the picture below - I have overlaid two or three layers of organza with different shapes painted on, each modifying the shapes to give the final effect.

At the moment the fabrics are not pinned down - I photograph every few days and change what I don't like.  I felt the trees were sitting too low in relation to the telegraph pole - I feel happier with that now - I also like the curve of the shadow.

This part of the landscape I think is where the action will be - just some marks to be added, probably in stitch, to show that some birds have come down in the field margins.  I feel the stitching should be kept to a minimum.

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