Monday, 14 August 2017

In a Blue Mood

Over the past few weeks I decided to start another still life kantha piece as I so enjoyed working the others I have done and also I thought it would be good to have one or two pieces partly worked as I am giving a workshop on this subject in October.  The pieces are based on the work of artist John F. Button and just seem to lend themselves to this method of stitching/collage.  One of the things that seems to tie them together is colour and in particular the colour blue.  Historically I have not worked with the colour blue very often, when I was a child I was dressed in blue - being a twin our parents made some odd assumptions about us, I suppose I was put in blue because I had blue eyes but also my parents thought that in order to identify us easily they would associate us with a colour.  The odd thing is we are not identical twins - we don't even look like sisters - I suppose it is a case of not seeing what you are really looking at.  In a way that is what I have tried to do by doing these pictures - looking at colour and what makes it work in relation to another colour and making it work.  In this way I feel more comfortable about using blue and my plan for my new landscape work is to take what I've learnt and put it into practice.

As before, I have built the layers using two base layers of muslin and a fine cotton calico and used a combination of cotton calico, scrim, habotai silk and silk organza to create the collage.

In the picture on the left I feel the intensive blue of the flower is very important.  The picture on the right shows the different patterns that can be created just using running stitch - it is all about placement of the stitch. 

The shadowing on the jug is created by placing a scrap of cotton scrim under a layer of organza to hold it down and to blend with the white muslin used for the base colour of the jug.


  1. These kantha pieces are really beautiful Libby.

  2. Thanks Gina - have really enjoyed doing them.

  3. Lovely - really looking forward to the workshop x

  4. Thanks Gill - hope you are feeling better - will write. xx