Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sculpture Exhibition - Marks Hall Gardens Coggeshall

During the last week I have visited the sculpture exhibition at Marks Hall Gardens at least three times and I'm sure I haven't seen them all yet.  There are some wonderful pieces made from all sorts of materials and below are a few of my favourites.

I love these two - Ghost and Dream Weaver by Angela Farquharson - I think the sculptures blend in beautifully with the planting.

These two make me smile - the first one is Fork in Pollen by Mark Reed - my sister wondered if he suffers from hay fever!!  The second sculpture is a stained glass mosaic titled Florescence by Sue Smith - the peacock is one of two that strut around the grounds - I wonder whether he felt he was being outshone.

The photo on the left shows Portuguese Profiles made from Portuguese marble by Paul Vanstone - when visiting the exhibition the first time I was with my cousin's husband - I thought the heads looked very Picassoesk but John thought they were more reminiscent of Magritte.  The sculpture on the right is of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown by Laury Dizengremel - he looks like he is walking through the grounds - very appropriate and very topical as last year was his tercentenary. 

These two I thought were very textily - the one on the left is made from pleated aluminium mesh - these are by Carole Andrews - and the figure on the right looks like it has been wrapped in a loose woven gauze, in fact it is titled Wrapped, and is by Pam Foley.  There are three of these figures in the exhibition and I think these are my absolute favourites.  

This one I thought was absolutely beautiful  - The Family Group by Lilly Henry - it was set amongst wild flowers that had been planted like a maze and the sculpture was in the centre.

This is Allium Field by Paul Cox - I was surprised when I saw this as I have one of these Allium Heads in my garden - my friend Rene and I both bought one, we think, from Beth Chattos - obviously we should have bought more!! 

Oh I know how he feels - I've been sitting down too long doing this blog post and I must have a stretch.  There are over two hundred sculptures in the exhibition and I am definitely going back again.

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