Friday, 20 October 2017

October Workshops

Most of this month so far I have been busy finishing samples for two workshops that I'm giving - one on Kantha and one on covering books.

I have finally finished the piece below which I had started a months or so ago - it was the bottom section that took sometime to do - the pattern is the eye border pattern or chok par.  However, this border pattern can also be used as a filler pattern.

Below shows a close up of the eye border pattern that is worked in running stitch - the yellow section has been worked in another border pattern, the amulet border or Ta' abiz par.

Earlier this month I gave a workshop on covering sketchbooks or note books or rescuing old or second hand hardback books.  Below shows a notebook that I covered - the  notebook was bought from a company called Shepherds - the pages were bound but there was no hard cover.  To give it a hard cover I added (glued) greyboard front and back to the outer pages.  The paper is very good quality and took the glue very well.  For the cover I used an old French linen sheet that had been dyed blue overlaid with a lovely block printed cotton fabric on top of which I have assembled some scraps of my own prints which I have held down with some old net which tears very easy giving random shapes.    

The stitching is running stitch which creates a lovely texture and I have added some stitched words using a combination of chain stitch and couching.

The final touches on the back cover are the circle (or is it the moon) which is text taken from an old book transferred onto silk organza using an acrylic matt medium and the net will be stitched into place using a discreet/invisible stitch.  A few vintage linen buttons finish off the spine. 


  1. Thank you for coming to Norfolk and giving the Kantha workshop - we'd definitely like to book you again for next year - maybe something bookish??

    1. Thanks Gill - it was a great pleasure - great venue and a delight to meet everyone.