Saturday, 23 December 2017

Etui - Present Making Christmas 2017

In the past couple of weeks I have been virtually housebound through having an awful cold and having the decorator in revamping my workroom.  We are nearly there now - cold on its tail end and the "stuff" all back in the workroom, new storage installed but just a few things to sort out like lighting, etc.  However, this has given me the time to make a few presents for friends - I couldn't help smiling as I was making them and I'm really pleased with the finished articles which are shown below. 

My friend Lynne has been talking about dying her hair blue for 2018 so I thought I'd give her a preview of what she might look like with blue hair!!  Lynne has long hair which she quite often wears in a plait (see picture below) and is also a very avid birdwatcher so I appliqu├ęd a gold finch on her chest (I think I have the bird identity right) and, of course, we all know women are good at multi tasking so she is also a pin cushion, thimble and scissor holder.  A few vintage cotton reels completes the whole.

I repeated the exercise for friend Ange but unfortunately I had problems with the printer but we got there in the end.


  1. Oh well done - they're brilliant Libby - and if anyone can carry off blue hair, Lynne can!
    Have a wonderful Christmas - and thank you for my beautiful card which arrived yesterday Gill xx

  2. Think I will have to do one of you Gill - with cerise hair maybe!! xx